As Allyson's work develops and unfolds she has become more focused on the qualities of surface. The techniques and colours have been inspired by the handmade wallpapers of Cole & Son, and the simple cover designs of 1950’s paperbacks.

Allyson's current narrative concerns the abandoned and derelict towns and houses of North Dakota, often referred to as ‘See-through Houses’. Built by the Homesteaders in the late 19th century and thereafter, many of the towns and houses on the isolated and semi-arid land have been left to fall, with the furniture and possessions still in them. The interest in these houses is not necessarily the objects that have been left, but the buildings themselves. Disintegrating lat and plaster, remnants of wallpaper, broken tiles, traces of colour were all once choices made by the people who lived there, ordinary things made extraordinary by the lack of the people themselves.

Some of the titles are taken from the names of the people who lived there.


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